Nomination papers must be filed with the Returning Officer between 11.00 a.m. and 12 noon. Late or incomplete submissions will be rejected.

Persons who desire to stand as a group of candidates for election as Members of Parliament (MPs) in group representation constituencies (GRCs) must complete the Nomination Paper in duplicate.

The Nomination Paper (in duplicate) must be accompanied by the following when it is filed:

  1. at least one Certificate of the Malay Community Committee or Certificate of the Indian and Other Minority Communities Committee (as the case requires and in duplicate);

  2. Political Donation Certificate for each candidate (in duplicate); and

  3. election deposit from each candidate (or receipt of the deposit if it had already been paid to the Accountant-General’s Department).

Once the Nomination Paper is accepted by the Assistant Returning Officer at the nomination centre:

  1. each candidate will need to indicate how he/she wishes his/her name to appear on the ballot paper;

  2. each candidate will need to inform the Returning Officer of the name and address of the person whom he/she has appointed as his/her election agent; and

  3. each group of candidates will need to inform the Returning Officer of its principal election agent who is appointed from amongst their election agents.

To do the above, the candidate should make use of the following four forms:

  1. Name for Ballot Paper

  2. Appointment of Election Agents (and Principal Election Agent)

  3. Particulars of Election Agent

  4. Particulars of Principal Election Agent

In addition to the proposer, seconder and assentors, each aspiring candidate may appoint one other person to enter the nomination centre with him/her to file his/her Nomination Paper. To do this, the aspiring candidate should make use of the Appointment of One Other Person Form.

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  Nomination Paper (For 5-member GRC) (pdf file: 299 KB)

  Name for Ballot Paper Form (pdf file: 67 KB)

  Appointment of Election Agents (and Principal Election Agent) Form (pdf file: 62 KB)

  Particulars of Election Agent Form (pdf file: 23 KB)

  Particulars of Principal Election Agent Form (pdf file: 33 KB)

  Appointment of One Other Person Form (pdf file: 68 KB)

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Last updated: 22 Jul 2015