Certificate of Eligibility

A Certificate of Eligibility is to be produced by prospective candidates who wish to stand for a Presidential election (in addition to the nomination papers and other relevant certificates) to the Returning Officer on Nomination Day. In order to be issued with a Certificate, these prospective candidates must make an application to the Presidential Elections Committee. Upon being satisfied that the applicant fulfils the criteria required in the law, the Committee will issue the Certificate to him.

Presidential Elections Committee

The function of the Presidential Elections Committee (PEC) is to ensure that candidates for the office of President have the qualifications referred to in Article 19 of the Constitution. The PEC comprises 6 members:

  • the Chairman of the Public Service Commission (PSC), who is the PEC Chairman;

  • the Chairman of the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority;

  • a member of the Presidential Council for Minority Rights appointed by the Chairman of the Council;

  • a member or former member of the Council of Presidential Advisers (but not the sitting Chairman of that Council or any former member who vacated his seat under Article 37F(2)(a) or (c)) appointed by the Chairman of that Council;

  • a person, who is qualified to be or has been a Judge of the Supreme Court, appointed by the Chief Justice; and

  • a person with expertise and experience acquired in the private sector that is relevant to the functions of the Committee, appointed by the Prime Minister.

Community Certificate

All prospective candidates in a Presidential election, regardless of a reserved election or an open election, have to submit a community declaration to the Community Committee. The 3 main communities are the Chinese community, the Malay community, and the Indian and other minority communities.

If the Community Committee is satisfied that the declarant belongs to that community, the Community Committee will issue the declarant with a Community Certificate to that effect.

In a reserved election, only prospective candidates belonging to the community to which the election is reserved, qualify to stand for election.

In an open election, prospective candidates will still need to make a community declaration. This is for the purpose of calculating when the next reserved election is.

Community Committee

The function of the Community Committee is to decide whether a candidate who has submitted a community declaration belongs to the Chinese community, the Malay community, or the Indian or other minority communities.

The Community Committee consists of 16 persons:

  • the Chairman;

  • five members belonging to the Chinese community;

  • five members belonging to the Malay community; and

  • five members belonging to the Indian or other minority communities.

Last updated: 31 Mar 2017