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Voting in Singapore is very simple, especially if you adhere to the Do's and Don' listed below, which spell out the activities which are appropriate and which are prohibited on Polling Day.

This is created and published as part of the Elections Department's Electoral Education Program.

  Dos  DO
  • Double-check your particulars on your Poll Card

    Double-check your name, Identity Card number and Polling Station location on the Poll Card. If you are a registered voter and have not received a Poll Card, please call the Elections Department or visit any Community Centre/Club to obtain another Poll Card.
  • Go in person on Polling Day during voting hours to vote

    Polls open at 8 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. on Polling Day.
  • Go to the Polling Station stated in your Poll Card to vote

    You can only vote at the Polling Station stated in your Poll Card.
  • Bring your Poll Card & acceptable documents of identity

    You should bring proper identification to the Polling Station. Click here for a list of the acceptable documents of identity.
  • Prove your identity by signing a declaration if election officials have some doubt about your identity

    Election officials are just doing their job. You will still be allowed to vote after declaring.
  • Mark your choice on your ballot paper clearly by marking a 'X' on the ballot paper. Choose only one.
  • Fold your ballot paper inwards and drop the folded ballot paper into the ballot box
  • Respect the privacy of other voters

    Your vote is secret. So are theirs.
  • Ask for assistance from election officials if you are confused or unsure about voting procedures

    The election officials will be on hand to explain to you the voting procedures, but not who to vote for.
  Donts  DO NOT
  • Do not damage, alter or write anything on your Poll Card

    If your name or address on your Poll Card is incorrect, please call the Elections Department or visit any Community Centre/Club to obtain another Poll Card.
  • Do not vote for any other person

    Impersonating another voter is an offence.
  • Do not go to any Polling Station except the one stated in your Poll Card

    This is to prevent plural voting. You will not be allowed to vote elsewhere. Loitering outside a Polling Station is an offence.
  • Do not bring your bag, pets or children to the Polling Station

    Your pets and/or children will not be allowed access into the polling area, and your bag may be subjected to security checks at the entrance of the Polling Station.
  • Do not bring any document or material, or wear any attire or badge, which shows a political party's or candidate's symbol

    The law prohibits canvassing and all forms of election activity on Polling Day, except voting.
  • Do not sign or write anything on the ballot paper by which you may be identified

    Your vote is secret. If you leave any signature or make such other identifying mark on your ballot paper, your vote will not be counted.
  • Do not take any ballot paper outside the Polling Station

    This is an offence.
  • Do not put anything else into the ballot box
  • Do not try to find out how any other voter has voted or intends to vote
  • Do not bring or use any camera, video or photographic equipment in the Polling Station

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