Presidential Elections (Overseas Voting) Regulations 2023 (pdf file: 366KB)

  Presidential Elections (Special Polling Arrangements for Nursing Homes) Regulations 2023 (pdf file: 120 KB)

  Presidential Elections (Election Advertising) Regulations 2023 (pdf file: 88 KB)

  Presidential Elections (Crisis Management) Regulations 2023 (pdf file: 109 KB)

  Presidential Elections (Prescribed Forms) Regulations (PDF file: 427 KB)

  Presidential Elections (Certificate of Eligibility) Regulations 2017 (G.N. No S263/2017) (pdf size: 144 KB)

  Presidential Elections (Composition of Offences) Regulations 2005 (pdf file: 34 KB)

  Presidential Elections (Exemption from section 65(1)(c) and (2)) Regulations 2011 (pdf file: 35 KB)

  Presidential Elections (Community Declaration and Community Certificate) Regulations 2017 (G.N. No S264/2017) (pdf size: 51 KB)

  Presidential Elections (Voting) Regulations 2017 (G.N. No. S267/2017) (pdf size: 34 KB)

  Political Donations (Political Associations) Order (Cap. 236, O1) (pdf size: 38 KB)

  Supreme Court (Presidential Elections) (Application for Avoidance of Election) Rules [Administered by Supreme Court] (Cap. 322, R7) (pdf size: 94 KB)

  Public Order (Election Meetings in Presidential Elections) Regulations 2017 [Administered by Singapore Police Force] (G.N. No. S 273/2017) (pdf size: 59 KB)

  Public Order (Composition of Offences) Regulations 2016 [Administered by Singapore Police Force] (G.N. No. S250/2016) (pdf size: 31 KB)

  Public Order (Exempt Assemblies and Processions) Order 2009 [Administered by Singapore Police Force] (G.N. No. S489/2009) (pdf size: 74 KB)

  Public Order (Special Notice – Prescribed Crowd Size and Period) Regulations 2017 [Administered by Singapore Police Force] (G.N. No. S531/2017) (pdf size: 33 KB)

  Films (Presidential Election Campaign Recordings – Exemption) Notification 2011 [Administered by Ministry of Communications and Information] (G.N. No. S445/2011) (pdf size: 45 KB)