The Political Donations Act (Cap. 236) and its Regulations came into operation on 15 Feb 2001.

Political Donations Act (Cap. 236)

  1. The Act seeks to prevent foreigners from interfering in Singapore's domestic politics through funding of candidates and political associations.

  2. It prohibits political associations and candidates from accepting donations except from permissible donors, and restricts the receipt of anonymous donations to less than $5,000 in total per reporting period.

  3. It also requires the three following groups of people:

    • Political associations, which comprise all political parties registered under the Societies Act, and any organisation whose objects or activities relate wholly or mainly to politics in Singapore and is gazetted as a political association under the Act

    • Any person who is or desires to be a candidate of any election and his election agents

    • Donors who have made multiple small donations with an aggregate value of $10,000 or more to a political association in a calendar year

    to file donation reports periodically with the Registrar of Political Donations.

Political Donations Regulations

  • The Regulations spell out the procedures for filing of donation reports by the three affected groups of people mentioned above and surrendering of anonymous donations.

  • It set out the procedures for the application, issue and collection of the political donation certificate, which any individual seeking election to Parliament or the office of President must produce to the Returning Officer on Nomination Day in order to be validly nominated as a candidate.

  • It also requires receipts to be issued by recipients of cash donations.

The Registry of Political Donations administers the Act and its Regulations. It is located within the Elections Department at the following address:

11 Prinsep Link
Singapore 187949
Tel: 1800-225-5353

The operating hours of the Registry are:
Monday to Friday: 9 am to 5.30 pm
Closed on weekends and public holidays