If a person is a qualified elector and the Presidential election or the Parliamentary election in his electoral division (also known as constituency) is contested, he must present himself as a voter at his allotted polling station on Polling Day to cast his vote between 8 am and 8 pm.

Three Simple Steps to Voting

Step One

The voter must bring along his original NRIC (identity cards issued by the Ministry of Defence, Singapore Police Force or Singapore Civil Defence Force for uniformed personnel) or passport to the polling station. Photocopies of these identification documents are not allowed. Bringing along the poll card will facilitate checks.

Step Two

The voter should mark his choice clearly with an "X" in one of the empty boxes on the ballot paper.

In order to maintain voting secrecy, a voter should observe the following:

  • DON'T sign or make any marks on the ballot paper that may identify him;
  • DON'T show his ballot paper to anyone else in the polling station.

Step Three

After the voter has marked his choice on his ballot paper, he should proceed to drop his ballot paper in the ballot box without delay and leave the polling station.