Learn more about the qualifying criteria for voting, procedures on voting at the polling stations and overseas voting.

Learn more about the qualifying criteria for candidates, election expenses limit, and declaration of internet election advertising platforms.

The registers of electors have been revised and are open for public inspection from 20 Jun 2017 to 3 Jul 2017. The revised registers contain the names of all qualified electors as of 1 Jun 2017. The revision is to bring the registers up to date.

As of 1 Jun 2017, a person is qualified as an elector if he is a Singapore Citizen, 21 years old and above, not disqualified as an elector under any written law and has a Singapore residential address or Local Contact Address (i.e. a residential address in Singapore that overseas Singaporeans register with the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority for voting purpose).

Last updated: 19 Jul 2017