The Elections Department of Singapore (ELD) is a department under the Prime Minister's Office. It has the responsibility of preparing for and managing the conduct of Presidential and Parliamentary elections and any national referendum in Singapore. The Department has under its purview the Registry of Political Donations (RPD). The RPD administers the Political Donations Act, the objective of which is to prevent foreign interference in the domestic politics of Singapore through funding.

ELD's work extends beyond the period of elections. Between elections, ELD must ensure that the registers of electors are up to date, so as to be ready for any election called at any time. Its other responsibilities include:

  • Training of election officials

  • Maintaining and updating the registers of electors

  • Planning for election manpower, premises, logistical and other related requirements for the conduct of elections

  • Informing the public about the electoral system and voting processes

  • Ensuring all electors have access to the electoral system and voting processes

  • Administering the Political Donations Act and campaign spending rules

  • Providing secretariat support to any appointed committee responsible for recommending changes to electoral boundaries and election committees such as the Presidential Elections Committee and Community Committee

Mission, Vision, Values, Strategic Outcomes

Mission To prepare and organise the Public Service to effectively and efficiently conduct free and fair elections in Singapore.
Vision To be an election administrator highly trusted by Singaporeans to deliver electoral services impartially and effectively.


  • Excellence

  • Integrity

  • Agility

Strategic Outcomes

  • An informed and engaged electorate that continues to have high trust and confidence in Singapore‚Äôs electoral system;

  • A secure and resilient election administration system that leverages technology to deliver high quality electoral services to voters and candidates;

  • A well-trained Public Service prepared to conduct elections at short notice and ready to deal with contingencies; and

  • A dynamic and innovative ELD that is well-equipped to run the elections and values its people.


Elections Department Logo The ELD logo combines the elements of tradition with modernity, in line with ELD's vision of being a dynamic and innovative organisation that values its people. The corporate colour of pale teal blue reflects ELD's dynamism and steadiness. The black colour ensures voting is simple and secret. The white reinforces ELD's commitment to upholding the integrity of the election process in Singapore.

The ellipse represents ELD's commitment to being a professional election administrator, continually evolving and improving its processes and enhancing public confidence in the integrity of the electoral system and its outcomes. The symbol depicting the act of voting reflects ELD's continuity and commitment to its core business and corporate goal, which is to uphold the integrity of the democratic process in Singapore through strict and faithful adherence to all legal requirements for the conduct of elections.

Note: This logo has been registered with the Registry of Trademarks. In accordance with rule 13 of the Trade Marks Rules, any third party will require ELD's prior consent before he can use any trademark that resembles this logo.

History of Elections Department

ELD's history dates back to 1947 when it was established under the Chief Secretary's Office, at the time when Singapore was still a British Colony. Subsequently, the Department was placed under the Ministry of Home Affairs, followed by the Deputy Prime Minister's Office, and is currently under the Prime Minister's Office. In 2003, the Department was expanded to include the Registry of Political Donations.

Elections Department History

Last updated: 17 Jul 2018