• Voting at Singapore's presidential elections or parliamentary elections is compulsory for all eligible citizens. It is part of the responsibilities of being an adult Singapore citizen.

  • So, if you are an eligible voter and the presidential election or the parliamentary election in your constituency is contested, you must present yourself as a voter at your allotted polling station on Polling Day to cast your vote.

What if I do not vote at an election?

At the end of the election, the Returning Officer will put your name, together with all others who did not vote at the election, in the list of non-voters and pass that to the Registration Officer. The Registration Officer will then remove your name from the certified register of electors of the constituency you belong to.

This means that you cannot vote at any subsequent presidential or parliamentary election, and you are disqualified from being a candidate at any subsequent presidential or parliamentary election.

Can I get my name back on the register of electors for my constituency?

You can submit an application to the Registration Officer with an explanation as to why you did not vote. Application may be made online via this website or in person at the Elections Department or any community centre/club. Alternatively, you can download the form here and submit it to the Elections Department. However, a fee of $50 will be imposed if you do not have a valid and sufficient reason for not voting.

Do apply for restoration of your name to the register of electors early. No restoration can be made once a Writ of Election is issued. Before your name is restored, you will not be eligible to vote or stand for election as a candidate in any election.

What would be regarded as a valid and sufficient reason for not voting?

When applying for restoration of their names to the registers of electors, non-voters are to state their reasons for failing to cast their vote at the earlier election. Some of the acceptable reasons are:

  1. working overseas (including being on a business trip) at the time of the poll;

  2. studying overseas at the time of the poll;

  3. living with your spouse who is working or studying overseas;

  4. overseas vacation; and

  5. illness, or delivering a baby.

  Form A - Application for Restoration of Name to the Registers of Electors (pdf file: 22 KB)

Last updated: 27 Jan 2017