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(for overseas Singaporeans)
A local contact address is a residential address in Singapore that overseas Singaporeans register with the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) for voting purpose.

As elections in Singapore are conducted on constituency basis, having a Singapore address registered with ICA is a prerequisite for any overseas Singaporean who wishes to vote in an election, if he/she satisfies the other qualifying criteria to be an overseas elector. Without a Singapore address, the Elections Department would not be able to allot him/her to any constituency when preparing or revising the registers of electors.

Recognising that many overseas Singaporeans might have changed their Singapore address registered with ICA (i.e., the NRIC address) to an overseas address, the National Registration Act was amended in 2001 to allow these Singaporeans to register a "contact" address in Singapore (referred to as "local contact address") with ICA for voting purposes. To facilitate the registration of local contact address by overseas Singaporeans, ICA has made available an online registration facility via this website.

» Application Form for Registration of Local Contact Address (pdf file: 51 KB)

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