By law, Nomination Day must be at least 5 days (not including Sundays or public holidays) and not more than one month after the date of the Writ for an election.

All forms and certificates must be delivered by the nominee in person together with his proposer, seconder and at least four assentors, to the Returning Officer or his staff, at the designated Nomination Centre for that electoral division on Nomination Day.

It is advisable for candidates to submit their Nomination papers well before 12 noon to allow time for errors or omissions to be corrected.

Speeches at Nomination Centre

Candidates of both contested and uncontested electoral divisions (also known as constituencies) may be given a chance by the Returning Officer to address their supporters at the close of nomination proceedings, in accordance with conditions set by the Returning Officer. These conditions may include the sequence of the speeches for candidates or groups of candidates for both uncontested constituencies and contested constituencies, and the duration of the speeches. Non-candidates will not be allowed to make speeches.