Qualifying Criteria

To qualify to vote at a contested election, a person’s name must be in the certified register of electors for an electoral division (also known as constituency). Any person who satisfies the following qualifying criteria as of the cut-off date for the Registers of Electors will have his name included in the register of electors for an electoral division:

  1. is a citizen of Singapore (holder of pink NRIC);

  2. is not less than 21 years of age;

  3. is not disqualified from being an elector under any prevailing law; and

  4. (i) has a Singapore residential address on his NRIC; or

    (ii) if he is residing overseas, and has changed his NRIC address to an overseas address, has a contact address in Singapore registered with the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (also known as a Local Contact Address).

Singapore citizens may check whether they are in the latest certified register of electors for an electoral division and verify their personal particulars in the registers through the following ways:

  • Online via the Elections Department Services;

  • At community centres/clubs (with NRIC/passport);

  • At Singapore overseas missions that serve as overseas polling stations (with NRIC/passport); and

  • At Elections Department office (with NRIC/passport).